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20 Faces of DIFC

Celebrating 20 years of DIFC's magnificent growth

Will you be one of the 20 faces of DIFC?

We are celebrating our magnificent journey by identifying 20 individual faces who have been valuable in fulfilling DIFC purpose and vision.

Feel free to enroll yourself in the contest by explaining why and how has DIFC been special to you. You might be one of the 20 people we feature on screens around DIFC during our 20th anniversary.

DIFC Growth Story

DIFC Growth Story

For 20 remarkable years, DIFC has stood as a beacon of financial excellence, shaping the landscape of Dubai and UAE's economy. Humble beginning blossomed into a p powerhouse of innovation and prosperity. Our commitment to excellence, generosity towards clients, and unwavering pride in our journey have set us apart. Join us at DIFC and be apart of our success story.

Steps to participate


Update personal details

Enter your full name, mobile number and email address.


Business you work for

Enter the business in DIFC you work for.


Tell us what you love about DIFC

Express how DIFC has been so special to you personally and professionally.

Faces of DIFC

Enter now and you might be one of the 20 people's faces we feature on screen around DIFC during our 20th anniversary.

Thanks for submitting! You might be the lucky face of DIFC we feature around DIFC for our 20th anniversary celebrations.

Terms & Conditions

By filling in this form, you are consenting to taking part in DIFC's 20 faces campaign and providing us with the right to use your quote, photo and name of the business you work for on screens around the centre, Your details will only be kept for the purpose of this promotion.

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